We released a new version of Leaf files quality checking tool “PharmaDoc LeafChecker5.1”



We released a new version of Leaf files quality checking tool “PharmaDoc LeafChecker5.1”.

■New Functionalities

  • Check result reports can now be exported to an Excel file. In the past, it was necessary to copy and paste the file path to open the Check Result Folder, Notification PDF, Notification Text, and Check Target PDF File, but now these can be opened with a click of an Excel cell. The traditional csv format can also be selected for export.
  • At the time of export to an Excel file, the characters in the cells of check item which notification is added change to red to make a distinction.
  • Web Link check item has been added. It detects web link locations such as http:// and https://.
  • Preferences dialog has been added. The Date Format can now be in English, and the Length Unit can be selected from mm and inch. Export file names can also be changed. The file name for check target PDF and notification PDF used to be the same. This caused confusion as to which was the notification PDF when both files were opened. When you check m2.7.3.pdf, it now has “_check” at the end of their names, e.g., m2.7.3_check.pdf.

Please refer to the page of PharmaDoc LeafChecker for details.