About us

Our mission is to provide solutions for the Pharmaceutical industry,
to produce high-quality electronic documents for regulatory submission, and to enable faster delivery of new medications for society.


We develop our software with a high
standard of quality assurance


We provide customer satisfaction through quick, responsive, and flexible support


We manage our customers’ assets, and our own, to protect them from all possible risks

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Company Profile

Company Name | Planet Pharma Solutions, Inc.
Group | Pharmaceutical Consulting & Development Group
Directors | CEO: Masayuki Ueno
Director Founder Chef Products Officer: Hidemichi Fukasawa
Director: Masanobu Mitsuhashi ( MEDISCIENCE PLANNING INC. CEO )
Director: Nobuo Totsuka ( MEDISCIENCE PLANNING INC. Senior Executive Officer Ph.D. )
Director: Satoshi Yamazaki ( M3, Inc. Director CTO )
Head Office | Tokyo Sumitomo Twin Building East, 2-27-1, Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0033 Japan