PharmaDoc Redact

  • The dedicated marking tool speeds up the task of highlighting (marking) redaction candidates.
  • A verification PDF file, which is automatically created, allows you to check whether all the texts marked for redaction are completely removed. Visual checking can be done easily and quickly.
  • A redaction draft (marked-for-redaction PDF, proposed list of redaction items) and a publication-ready copy (redacted PDF) are created automatically.

List of Features

  • Support for marking
    • Mark a string of words
    • Mark for redaction
    • Mark a single character
    • Mark with a rectangular frame
    • Mark dates
    • Mark with fixed width
  • Creation of a redaction draft
    • Marked-for-redaction PDF
    • List of redaction items (proposal)
  • Creation of a publication-ready document
    • Redacted PDF
    • Verification PDF
    • Clear document properties
    • Delete bookmarks
    • Delete links
    • Convert page to image file (monochromatic image creation supported)

New features

  • Marking a single character
    This feature allows you to select a character string and mark only the first or last character of the string.
    It can be used when a character string is difficult to specify with a mouse, or for marking the last digit of a person’s age.


  • A redaction draft can be resubmitted. Corrections are easy to find in a marked-for-redaction PDF file or a proposed list of redactions. The color and opacity of the highlight can be specified.
  • A list of redactions (proposal) is exported to MS Word.
  • Reasons for marking can be registered in advance.
  • Document properties and links can be removed when a redacted PDF file is created.
  • More form templates are available that allow Mark Dates.
version Supported environments
PharmaDoc Redact1.3 ・Windows 7、Windows 8、Windows 8.1、Windows 10
・Adobe Acrobat X、XI、DC 2015、2017、DC Continuous
・Microsoft Word2010、2013、2016
・Microsoft Excel 2010、2013、2016
Bundled Software
PharmaDoc Reviewer
・PharmaDoc Quicker

PharmaDoc Redact is available with an English or Japanese UI.

* PharmaDoc is a registered trademark of Planet Pharma Solutions, Inc. in Japan.
* Acrobat® is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and /or other countries.