PharmaDoc Publisher


  • A user can run a publishing job using one of the following two methods.
    1. Running a job from a publishing client
      • A user can meticulously specify the publishing pattern before running a job.
      • Preview and editing screens for the table of content and bookmarks can be used to check or edit the resulting image before completing the job.
      • After a publishing job is started, a run dialog box is displayed so the progress can be tracked.
    2. Running a job by selecting a VD
      • If a pre-specified publishing pattern is designated for VDs on the server, a user can execute a publishing job by simply selecting a VD without being familiar with report publishing patterns.
  • The user can check the progress on the job progress tracking screen.
  • Completion of a publishing job can be notified by email.
  • A report publishing job including a table of contents can be run at a high speed.
    • 5,000 pages in 8 minutes and 38 seconds (table of contents: 33 pages, PDF file size: 264MB)
    • 10,000 pages in 20 minutes and 11 seconds (table of contents: 66 pages, PDF file size: 526MB)
    • Simultaneous running of ten 1,000-page jobs in 15 minutes and 9 seconds
      Measured the length of time from the start of 10 jobs until all the jobs are completed
      (table of contents: 17 pages per job, PDF file size: 41MB per job)

New Functionalities

  • eCTD 4.0 is now supported.
In accordance with eCTD 4.0 specifications, images can now be converted to JPEG2000, JBIG2, etc.
  • https connection is now supported.
Communication between the PDP server and PDP client applications can now be over https in addition to net.tcp connections.
Version System Requirements
PharmaDoc Publisher 5.3 PharmaDoc Publisher Publishing Server
– Windows Server 2019, 2022
– Microsoft Office 2019, 2021
– Documentum Content Server 16.4, 20.4, 21.4
– Documentum D2 16.4, 20.4, 21.4
– Veeva Vault
– CARA 5.6
– Adobe PDF Library
PharmaDoc Publisher Publishing Client
– Windows 10, Windows 11

PharmaDoc Publisher is available with an English or Japanese UI.

* PharmaDoc is a registered trademark of Planet Pharma Solutions, Inc. in Japan.