PharmaDoc eCTDSupporters

PharmaDoc eCTD Supporters is a collection of tools developed to improve the efficiency of submission ready work in pharmaceutical applications.
It includes a variety of functions necessary to turn PDF files into leaf files that can be used for electronic applications, contributing to increased efficiency in the application process.
34 pharmaceutical companies and CROs currently use the software under annual licensing agreements.


Edit and check bookmarks and hyperlinks

We have enhanced tools for bookmarks and hyperlinks, which tend to be a particularly large amount of work in Submission Ready.

Edit bookmarks

  • You can create bookmarks from scratch based on the heading lines in the table of contents page or PDF file.
  • Sorting, hierarchy, and collapsing can be done with a few simple operations.

Edit hyperlinks

  • Changing the text color when creating a link frame is done safely without disrupting the surrounding layout.
  • It is easy to create a hyperlink with a destination on a table of contents page that does not have a hyperlink assigned.
  • You can search for specific keywords or places with a certain text color in a sentence and convert them all together into a hyperlink.

Check and edit the destination

In order to streamline the process of checking and editing bookmarks and hyperlink destinations, we have prepared a separate dedicated tool.

  • The “Destination Check Tool” allows you to quickly and efficiently confirm the destination by simply selecting the bookmarks and links listed one by one.
  • The “Destination Edit Tool” allows you to easily change the destination by simply pointing to it in the preview.

Page Content

Page correction

Intuitive operations such as page resizing, page rotation, and skew correction can be performed while viewing the preview.

Split a PDF file

You can split a large PDF file into multiple parts while keeping the bookmarks and links as external links.

Batch processing of PDF files

Various processes to conform to the eCTD specification can be applied to multiple PDF files at once.

  • Collapse and truncate bookmarks below the specified level
  • Change the style of hyperlinks
  • Fixing the destination of bookmarks and hyperlinks
  • Delete/Replace PDF Properties
  • Deleting off-page objects
  • Delete hidden text
  • Remove JavaScript
  • Delete the named-destination
  • Delete PDF tag information
  • Initialize page labels
  • Delete attachments
  • Remove PDF/A restrictions

Page Content Comparison

A tool that compares the page content of PDF files can be used to detect missing or garbled page content caused by editing.

Output Excel file

Some tools allow you to output the list of data and execution records to an Excel file for record keeping.


  • The Bookmark Edit Tool has been completely redesigned, with enhanced editing functions such as sorting and automatic hierarchy setting.
    In addition, it has a batch creation function from PDF text or table of contents pages.
  • Added the following functions to the eCTD Batch Setting Tool: “Change Destination to Page Top”, “Replace PDF Properties”, “Delete Off-Page Objects”, “Delete Hidden Text”, “Delete Named-Destination” and “Delete PDF Tag Information”.
  • The UI of the preview screen of the destination tool has been changed to improve readability and operability.
  • An assistant dialog is provided to help you visually set the margins.
  • Added full support for shortcut key operations.
  • The location of the user configuration file has been changed to improve the convenience of remote login.
  • A button to initialize user settings has been added to make it easier to take action when a trouble occurs.
  • High-resolution display is now supported.
  • Windows 11 is now supported.

Leaf File Quality Checking

Editing Links

  • Link Frame Edit Tool
    • This tool is used for directly inserting or deleting links in a PDF file.
  • Link Destination Edit Tool
    • This tool is used to efficiently edit (or set) link destinations.
  • Link Frame Batch Creation Tool
    • This tool allows text searching by character string, color, or font name within a PDF file, and creates link frames around all the search results at once.
  • Import & Export Tool
    • You can export the settings information for bookmarks and links from a PDF file, or import it back to the PDF file.

Editing Bookmarks

  • Bookmark Edit Tool
    • This tool is used to add or delete bookmarks, edit bookmarked texts, and change or rearrange the bookmark depth.
  • Bookmark Destination Edit Tool
    • This tool is used to efficiently edit (or create) bookmark destinations
  • Import & Export Tool
    • You can export the settings information for bookmarks and links from a PDF file, or import it back to the PDF file.

Processing PDF Files

  • eCTD Batch Setting Tool
    • This is a tool for applying various settings collectively to make a PDF conform to eCTD specifications.
  • File Split Tool
    • This tool divides a PDF file into multiple files.
  • Page Modification Tool
    • Use the Page Modification tool to rotate a page, change its size, or correct the position and tilt of the page content.
Version Supported Environments
PharmaDoc eCTDSupporters 7.0.0 – Windows 7 Service Pack 1, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
– Adobe Acrobat X, XI, DC 2015, 2017, 2020, DC Continuous (32bit only)
– Microsoft Excel 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, 2021, Microsoft 365
– Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8
– Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2019 Redistributable Package (x86)
Bundled Software
– PharmaDoc Quicker

PharmaDoc eCTDSupporters is available with an English or Japanese UI.
Microsoft Excel is required to view and edit the Excel file output by this product.

* PharmaDoc is a registered trademark of Planet Pharma Solutions, Inc. in Japan.
* eCTDSupporters is a registered trademark of Planet Pharma Solutions, Inc. in Japan.
* Acrobat® is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and /or other countries.