Page Compare Tool

Page Compare Tool

This tool compares the pages in a pair of PDF files to identify differences in the page contents.


  • During the SR conversion tasks such as header and footer addition, garbled characters and collapsed layouts unintended by the user may occur in the contents of a PDF file.
    The Page Compare tool compares a copy of the PDF file before an edit and another copy after the edit to efficiently detect only the differences that occurred in the page contents.
  • The user can select any pages to compare from two PDF files to view the comparison results in real time.
    A change in the pages to be compared prompts a new comparison, with the results immediately displayed on the page preview. This also facilitates pinpoint comparison of specific pages.
  • The adoption of the differential algorithm that detects the insertion and deletion of characters, lines, and pages affords easy-to-understand comparison results with few unnecessary suggestions.
  • We now have two ways to detect differences. One is a text comparison feature, which compares only the text information in a page; the other is an image comparison feature, which converts all elements in a page to images to identify differences.
    Text comparison is useful for identifying garbled characters and alterations, as well as changes in style such as fonts.
    Image comparison is useful for identifying changes in graphs and images, as well as for closely checking the overall appearance of a page, such as changes in the layout.
    Combination of these two comparison methods enable in-depth content comparison.
  • Thanks to a functionality that performs page-level comparison in advance and marks only the pages from which differences were detected, the user need only work on those pages that need verification. The page difference detection functionality lets the user correct the pages misaligned due to new pages inserted at a later time for comparison, enabling the comparison of the right pairs of pages.
  • The comparison results of PDF files can be exported to an Excel file. The embedded preview images let the user see the differences between the two PDF files in one glance.

Explanation Screen for the Page Compare Tool

Purpose of the Page Compare Tool

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Inter-Page Comparison

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