Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This document explains how we handle personal information, including our policy on the protection of personal information.

1. Policy on the Protection of Personal Information

Planet Pharma Solutions, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “PPS”) recognizes the importance of personal information. In order to protect personal information to the fullest extent possible, PPS has established the following Policy on the Protection of Personal Information and strives to handle personal information properly.

  1. PPS puts the protection of personal information into practice by complying with the Act Concerning Protection of Personal Information (hereinafter referred to as the “Personal Information Protection Law”), other related laws and ordinances, and other societal norms such as guidelines.
  2. When obtaining personal information, PPS identifies the purpose for which it will be used whenever possible and, having disclosed the purpose of use in advance, obtains the information lawfully and fairly, limiting collection of personal information to the scope that is necessary.
  3. PPS only uses personal information within the scope of the intended uses that have been identified. The information is not handled outside the scope of the specified intended use.
  4. Unless otherwise permitted by law, PPS will never provide or disclose personal information to a third party without the consent of the person that is identified by the said personal information (hereinafter referred to as the “principal”).
  5. Within reason, PPS will promptly respond to requests from the principal to disclose, correct, or delete any of the principal’s personal information that is in the possession of PPS, according to separately specified procedures.
  6. PPS will take the necessary and appropriate security measures and implement rational and appropriate safety measures to guard against the risk of and correct any leakage, loss, or damage to personal information.
  7. PPS will swiftly and appropriately respond to complaints or consultations about the handling of personal information.
  8. PPS has constructed a management system for the protection of personal information (including this Policy and rules and regulations on the protection of personal information) and continually improves the system while ensuring that all employees and others concerned are thoroughly aware of and implement the Policy, rules, and regulations to maintain the protection of personal information.
  9. When necessary, PPS refines and improves its philosophy and methods for protecting and handling personal information. Accordingly, this Policy is subject to change without notice.

2. Purpose of Use of Personal Information

When using the personal information in its possession, PPS specifies the purpose of use as follows and handles the personal information within the limits of the stated purpose, unless otherwise permitted by law. The following also applies to the purpose of use for all personal data in the possession of PPS (disclosable personal information).
Irrespective of the following description, PPS may use the personal information in its possession to issue notifications or reports based on laws, ordinances, or other standards, or to conduct questionnaire surveys or issue notices or other forms of contact within the scope that is necessary in the conduct of business by PPS or the companies in the M3 Group (Defined under “Use in the Sharing of Personal Information”). Moreover, the handling of this personal information may be outsourced to a third party.

  1. Purpose of Use of Personal Information related to customers or business partners
    • To provide information on the release of PharmaDoc products or on known issues
    • To introduce events such as seminars, including PharmaDoc Users Conference
    • To develop higher-quality PharmaDoc products and conduct surveys or analysis related to product support
    • To conduct surveys or analysis related to higher-quality services
    • To manage customer information
    • To manage information on business partners
    • For use in contact involved in concluding contracts and implementing transactions
    • For use in contact involved in billing and payment activities
  2. Purpose of Use of Personal Information related to job applicants or obtained through human resources data provision services
    • For use in considering applicants, making hiring decisions, and contacting applicants
  3. Purpose of Use for personal information on executives, employees (including past executives and employees), or their families
    • For appropriate placement of personnel within the company, other human resources management, payment of salaries, and other labor management
    • For administration of benefits, and safety and health management
    • For education and training

3. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

As a general rule, PPS will not provide personal information to third parties without the consent of the principal. The information will be provided only after the destination and the content of the information to be provided are specified and consent has been obtained from the customer him/herself. However, personal information may be provided without the consent of the principal in the following cases.

  • As prescribed by law
  • When disclosure is necessary in order to protect human life, limb, or property, and it would be difficult to obtain the consent of the principal
  • In particular, when disclosure is necessary in order to improve public health or promote the healthy development of children, and it would be difficult to obtain the consent of the principal
  • When it is necessary to cooperate with national agencies or local public organizations or their outsourcees in the conduct of business provided for by law, and it is the judgment of PPS that obtaining the consent of the principal could interfere with the conduct of that business
  • When provision of personal information has accompanied a merger or business succession for other reasons

4. Use in the Sharing of Personal Information

4.1 Use in sharing with M3, Inc. and the companies of the M3 Group

PPS shares personal information with M3, Inc. and the companies of the M3 Group (Refers to consolidated subsidiaries of M3, Inc.) as follows.

Items that are shared Name, corporate name (name of group), position, telephone number, email address, home address, and other information written on business cards, as well as information obtained by PPS through business negotiations
Purpose of use by joint users To introduce services provided by M3, Inc. and the companies of the M3 Group or provide other information, or for use in contacting people, conducting business negotiations, holding preliminary meetings, fulfilling contracts, or making or answering inquiries
Range of joint users M3, Inc. and the companies of the M3 Group
Holder of responsibility for management Planet Pharma Solutions, Inc.

5. Policy on Cookies

5.1 About cookies

Cookies, which are generated when a Web page is used, are a mechanism for storing on the user’s computer a history of use, including transmissions between browser and server and the content entered in the page by the user, etc. When the same page is accessed again, the cookie information can be used by the administrator of the page to change the display so as to customize it to the user.
When the user allows cookies in the browser settings, the Web site can obtain cookies from the user’s browser. To protect the user’s privacy, the user’s browser will only send the cookies sent or received by that website’s server. The user can stop cookies from functioning by changing the settings, but caution is warranted, because some services may become unavailable in that case.

5.2 Cookie preferences

The user can select from among cookie preferences such as “Allow all cookies”, “Block all cookies”, and “Notify user when a cookie is received”. The method of setting cookie preferences differs depending on the browser. Please check the “Help” menu of the browser for information on how to set cookie preferences.
If “Block all cookies” is selected, use of Internet services may become subject to limitations. In particular, you may not be able to receive services that require authentication, etc., so caution is warranted.

5.3 Things that PPS uses cookies for

PPS uses cookies for the following purposes.

  • To provide services customized to the individual user by referring to the user’s stored registration information when the user logs in to an authentication service.
  • To make surveys of the number of persons using the PPS site, site traffic, and other use conditions.
  • To improve PPS’s services.

6. Disclosure of Personal Information

Types of information that can be requested from PPS
In accordance with the Personal Information Protection Law, PPS accepts requests for the following types of personal information held by the company (Collectively referred to as “requests for disclosure, etc.”) from the principal or the principal’s legal representative.

  1. Requests for “notification of purpose of use” (Requests based on Article 32, Section 2 of the Law)
  2. Requests for “disclosure” (Requests based on Article 33, Section 1 of the Law)
  3. Requests to “correct, add to, or delete content” (Requests based on Article 34, Section 1 of the Law)
  4. Requests to “stop or cancel use” (Requests based on Article 35, Section 1 of the Law)
  5. Requests to “stop provision to third parties” (Requests based on Article 35, Section 2)

If you wish to request disclosure, etc., please contact our Support Team below to inquire about the procedure. After it has been confirmed that you are the principal, your request will be processed promptly according to the company’s predetermined procedures.

7. Contact Us

If you have a question about how PPS handles personal information, please contact us in one of the following ways.

Click to make an inquiry by email:
Personal Information Support Team, Planet Pharma Solutions Inc.

Or send us a letter by postal mail at:
Personal Information Support Team, Planet Pharma Solutions Inc.
Sensia Yamate Otsuka Rm. 418, 2-31-5 Kita-Otsuka
Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-0004 Japan

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  • Established April 20, 2022