We released a new version of redaction tool “PharmaDoc Redact 2.1”



We released a new version of redaction tool “PharmaDoc Redact 2.1”.

■New Functionalities

  • You can now use the Redaction Style Tool to specify a replacement string and its font size.
    • – You can search for a character string in Acrobat’s Find dialog to replace it with a replacement string.
    • – When Original Size is selected for the Font size, the replacement string will have the font size of the original string. When Fit Width of Redaction Area is selected, the font size of the replacement string will be zoomed in or out to fit the redaction area.
  • Marking can now be done using the OCR information (hidden text). To prevent the failure to redact, the page will be automatically converted to an image.
  • A Verification PDF can now flag locations of unredacted items using a rectangle annotation.
  • A Final Redacted Version file can now be split.


  • The font size of text callout can now be specified in the Replace category of the Preferences dialog
  • The position to insert a footer on the replacement page can now be specified in the Details dialog.
  • Only the top line could be replaced in the past when replacing a multi-line character string. Now the entire multi-line string can be replaced.
  • When Redaction Proposal PDF, Verification PDF, or Final Redacted PDF cannot be saved, they can now be saved under a different file name.
  • You can now abort a running Mark Phrases for Redaction, Create Redaction Proposal Version, and Create Final Redacted Version.
  • A cover page can now be inserted when creating a Final Redacted PDF.
  • Pages to be excluded can now be specified in Justification Table for Redaction Proposal Version.
  • We fixed PharmaDoc Redact, so that it does not launch when another application calls up Acrobat.

Please refer to the page of PharmaDoc Redact for details.