We released a new version of rendition server “PharmaDoc Generator 4.4”



We released a new version of rendition server “PharmaDoc Generator 4.4”.

■New Functionalities

  • Enhanced Documentum linkage function.
    • The rendition pattern can be selected in the properties of the document that requested the rendition. This allows you to specify, for example, not to create a chart number bookmark for IB documents.
    • The property value of the document requested for rendition can be used. This allows you to include important customer-specific information (document management number, version number, project management number, etc.) in the notification email.
    • Enabled to specify conditions when retrieving rendition request queue from Documentum. This will enable settings such as not acquiring the rendition request queue for PDF files.In addition, when multiple PharmaDoc Generators are installed, it is possible to specify the PharmaDoc Generator to be processed according to the document property value, for example, the document type, etc. Rendition processing can be performed efficiently for documents that take a long time to rendition processing) and documents that do not.。
    • When a rendition creation request occurs for a PDF file, the PDF file can be registered as another rendition.
  • Enhanced VD rendition function.
    • When a rendition creation request is sent to VD, documents in VD can be merged and page numbering can be performed. * Separately, PharmaDoc Generator Publish option is required. The Publish option is charged.
    • Enhanced the ability to create PDF bookmarks from paragraphs with styled Word documents. When creating a bookmark from a paragraph with a specific style, you can force the next bookmark level to 1.

<<Please refer to the page of PharmaDoc Generator for details.>>