Operability testing for PharmaDoc products is complete for Adobe Acrobat 2020



Adobe Acrobat 2020 was released on June 19, 2020.

We are pleased to announce that we have confirmed that the following PharmaDoc products work with Adobe Acrobat 2020.

Each of these products has been updated to its latest version.

・Report Publishing Tools                              PharmaDoc ClientPublisher, Ver.1.2.1
・Shared Review System                                PharmaDoc AnnotationX, Ver.2.2.0
・Review Tools                                                     PharmaDoc Reviewer, Ver.5.4.4
・Quality Check Tool for leaf files               PharmaDoc LeafChecker, Ver.5.2.2
・eCTD Support Tools                                      PharmaDoc eCTDSupporters, Ver.6.1.1
・Create Final Redacted Version Tools   PharmaDoc Redact, Ver.3.0.0

Please feel free to contact the PharmaDoc support team for any questions. We appreciate your continued support in the future.