We have released a new version of eCTD Support tools “PharmaDoc eCTDSupporters 7.1”



New Functionalities

  • Simplified Chinese characters are supported. Simplified Chinese can be selected for display and output languages.
  • Adobe Acrobat 64-bit version is supported.


  • The check rules for the Bookmark/Link Destination Check Tool have been extended according to the eCTDv4.0 leaf file specification.
    Launch actions that refer to files of a specified type are allowed.
  • Check rules set in the Destination Check Tool can also be used in the Destination Edit Tool.
  • The language setting can be explicitly set to a language that is different from the Acrobat display language setting.

PharmaDoc eCTDSupporters is currently used by 34 pharmaceutical companies and CROs (signed as an annual license agreement).

Please refer to the page of PharmaDoc eCTDSupporters for details.